My fees for Mediation and Barrister services are as follows:-

FDR – Family Dispute Mediations

  • These mediations are for non-urgent child disputes. If you have a non-urgent child dispute then in most cases you are required to attend an FDR mediation before you can place your dispute before the family court.
  • If you meet the funding criteria , you pay nothing because you are eligible for Government funding.
  • If you do not meet the funding criteria, there is a cost of $448.50 per party.
    Click here for funding eligibility

Private Mediations

For all mediations other than FDR mediations, or for those people who wish to spend longer in the FDR process, or to mediate child disputes and other matters together, my fees are as follows:-

  • For matters lasting up to half a day – $3,000.00 plus GST
  • For matters over half a day and up to a full day – $5,000.00 plus GST
  • Preliminary work, including preliminary meetings, perusal of documentation, telephone conferences with lawyers and/or parties and for travel where mediation is held out of Hamilton, I charge on a time basis at $400.00 plus GST per hour.
  • Mediation and a breakaway rooms are available at my chambers.


  • Generally I charge on a time and attendance basis at $400.00 plus GST per hour.
  • An uplift may be charged in certain circumstances, such as where there is urgency or the matter is particularly complex.
  • A fixed fee is available should you require one.
  • Click here to view my terms of engagement as a Barrister.