LL.B (Hons) , M.Comlaw (Hons)

Postal Address:
PO Box 1249
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240
New Zealand
Street Address:
Riverbank Chambers,
Riverbanks Building, Level 5
286 Victoria St, Hamilton 3204,
New Zealand
(07) 838 – 9328
(021) 711 – 978


I am pleased to accept your instructions on the basis set out below.

1.0 Services to be Provided

The following is a summary of my brief:-

2.0  Fees

2.1  The basis on which my fees will be charged is as follows:-

(1)   Time and attendance – My fee will usually be charged on a time and attendance basis.  My hourly rate is $400.00 plus GST.

(2)   There may be additional factors taken into account when setting the fee.  These may include:-

  •     Time and labour expended;
  •     Skill, specialised knowledge and responsibility required to perform the services properly;
  •     The importance of the matter to your client and the results achieved;
  •     The urgency and circumstances in which the matter is undertaken and any time limitations imposed, including those               imposed by the client;
  •     The complexity of the matter and the difficulty or novelty of the questions involved;
  •     Any quote or estimate given by me; and
  •     Any fee agreement entered into between myself and your client.

2.2   I normally render invoices every month or two months.  I require payment by the 20th of the month following the invoice.  Should payment not be made within that time frame, I reserve the right to charge interest on any outstanding moneys at the rate of 15% per annum.

2.3   I may ask you from time to time to hold funds in your trust account on account of my fees.  You acknowledge that you have the client’s authority to pay my costs on receipt of my invoice within seven days if funds are held in trust for that purpose or you receive funds from any other source, such as a settlement or judgment.

3.0   Professional Indemnity Insurance

3.1   I hold professional indemnity insurance that exceeds the minimum standard specified by the New Zealand Law Society.

4.0   Complaints

4.1   If you or the client has a complaint about my services, I would be happy to meet with either or both of you to discuss the nature of the complaint so we can attempt to resolve it between ourselves.

4.2     If you or your client do not wish to meet with me to discuss the complaint or if we are unable to resolve it, then I invite you to refer your complaint to Murray Earl, whose contact details are:-

PO Box 9337
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton  3240
Ph:  (07) 839-5852
Fax: (07) 838-9319

4.3   If you or your client do not wish to have the complaint dealt with in that fashion, or you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, you may refer your complaint to the New Zealand Law Society whose contact details are:-

PO Box 5041
Lambton Quay
Wellington  6145
Ph:  (04) 472-7837
Fax: (04) 473-7909

5.0   Acceptance

5.1   Please confirm your acceptance of these terms either by signing a copy of this letter below and returning to me, or by some other written means, including e-mail.  Please also confirm that you have brought the terms of this letter to the attention of your client and that the client has accepted them.

Yours faithfully

Melanie O’Neill

I,                       of the firm                            acknowledge that I accept the terms of this letter of engagement and further that I have brought the terms of this letter to the attention of the client and the client has accepted them also.




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